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HULKBUSTER (with 939 points)  
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Started Reading
Feb. 23, 2012
Last Read
April 22, 2018
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HIM Love is blind Believe I Can Fly Ancient Evil Oh Dear Northern Light Ragnarok and Roll Exuberant Erudition First Crush
Three to Tango Back From the Future ... Jinx King of the Jungle In Soviet Russia... Weighty Matter Winter Soldier Blood and Metal
Blast Off All-American God Save the Queen Brand Name Crazy Spin-Off Dark Princess Lights Out The Peoples Steel Elementary
Teachers Pet Shine a Light No Fear Disco is Cool Merc with a Mouth The Monarch Atomic Dreams The Hoary Host Strange Adversary
Prince of Darkness Bowler Brawler Sai Diamonds Are Forever Bye-Bye Birdie Ladykiller Arachnophile Ambulance Chaser Second Generation
Devourer of Worlds Dont Worry Cherie Feel the Thunder Hell on Wheels Weapon Alpha Like Father, Like Son Black Sheep The William Tell Prize The Transporter
Mr. No One Size Fits All Prince of Power Grim Tiddings Smash! Flame On! He Cometh Stormed Out Living Weapon
The Stark Award Extra! Extra! The Babysitter Reboot Fair and Balanced Mall Rat Unstoppable Savage Landlord The Godfather
Its Just a Phase The Trickster Hero for Hire Rasputins Heir 214782 Face it Tiger The Crimson Coiffure True Delusions Heroine for Hire
Agent 19 Rhymes With Looney Its a Stretch Brood Killer Blue Blood G-Man Bampf Bat-Clone Legacy of Evil
It is Critical you Pay Attention All Father On the Catwalk Alpha Ursae Minoris Nice Wheels Knife to the Brain! Lets Go Fly a Kite In a Flash Phoenix Reborn
Sieg Heil Mr. Sidekick No Touching Feral Hunter Chaos Factor Small Larceny Deadly Hands Agent 13 What Fourth Wall
Frigid The Power Cosmic Webslinger Arachnea Shock and Awe Imperius Rex Dark side of the sun Anything They Can Do, I Can Do Better Infinity
Clobberin Time Odins Blessing Feline Frenzy Mr. Roboto Via Valhalla Lethal Protector The Omnipotent Voluminous 2.0
Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee Perfect Host Teen Wolf Snikt!! Ion Avenger Servant Supreme Long in the Tooth
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